What type of bioresonance testing machine is used in LSM?2020-06-01T02:54:55+00:00

In Living Systems Medicine, there is no bioresonance testing machine at all! Yet no matter how many times we explain this, people are often confused and may ask the same question a second time. It was for this reason that we took the prefix “bio” out of the word and instead named our type of testing LSM Resonance Testing. In this way we week to clarify that although LSM Resonance Testing is related to the field of Bioresonance Testing, they are not identical. Most specifically, and unlike in most forms of Bioresonance Testing, we do not use a machine to test the body. Instead, we use hundreds of small test vials, which we evaluate the body’s response to via an involuntary stress response at the ankles. More importantly, our exact choice of which test vials to use and in what order are what we call the “mental software” – and the mental software that we use is unique to LSM, as it is based on living systems science.

When will the next course be announced?2020-06-01T02:55:40+00:00

There are no courses planned during 2020. For future years, we will update you on this website as soon as new course dates are announced. In the meantime, if you haven’t done so already, please register your interest in future courses here.

Currently the whole curriculum is being re-developed after breakthroughs that we have made in a number of important new areas of Living Systems Medicine.

What is your response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic?2020-06-01T02:56:33+00:00

We are aware many of you have health concerns during this crisis. In light of this, and in response to a flood of requests, we have put together a coronavirus and flu immune support pack. We will keep you updated here with any major developments we feel need discussing. We are also available for consultation and general enquiries throughout the outbreak.

Does LSM help with heavy metal detox? / Is LSM a type of detox therapy?2020-06-01T03:27:26+00:00

Over the years, we have built up a strong reputation for being “the guys to turn to” when it comes to dealing with heavy metal poisoning. There are many reasons for this, but chief among them include:

  1. We recognise the pivotal role of heavy metals such as mercury, lead and radioactive toxins as key underlying causes of many modern diseases and health problems, for the simple reason that they have been documented to have a profound impact on what we call The 5 Key Organ Systems. We therefore place a high importance on the information fields of heavy metals, and have worked hard over many years to develop and refine the best possible tools to approach this problem from a biofields and general wellness perspective.
  2. The use of LSM Resonance Remedies provides individualised, powerful support to the information fields of key organs of elimination such as the kidneys, bowels, liver and lymphatic system – which are vital to the body successfully achieving effective elimination of heavy metals from interior storage. In many other forms of “detox”, these are not addressed, yet this is a far more important thing to do than take a detoxing substance of some kind, due to the propensity for the redistribution of toxins after taking detoxifying or chelation substances.
  3. LSM does not “detox” the system, but instead supports the system to detoxify itself better by improving the system’s general wellness. This is a much preferable approach, because otherwise it’s like trying to impose on a country a foreign way of doing things that ignores that country’s own infrastructure, instead of working with that country’s own customs and local ways of doing things and, in particular, working to improve its own existing infrastructure.
  4. LSM Resonance Remedies are not systemic “detox” substances. Instead, they are highly targeted to the information fields of individual compartments of the body.
  5. LSM Nutritional Therapy and lab testing are also used as a highly targeted aid to the body’s autonomous detoxification pathways, based on The 5 Key Organ Systems.
  6. The use of LSM Resonance Testing assesses priorities in the system, rather than just automatically assuming that heavy metals are the one and only thing that needs to be addressed – it is far better to take a global view and take in multiple problems that could be impacting the body besides just this one. For instance, if the information fields of the adrenal glands are functioning at a low par, then this may be important to address before anything else, because the whole system may be like a car running on an empty tank. Yet this is just one of many possible examples. Most forms of “detox” are far too narrow in scope.
What happens in an LSM consultation?2020-05-18T01:09:04+00:00

This is such a common enquiry that we have prepared a separate page dedicated to answering it here.

What does LSM Resonance Testing involve?2020-06-01T02:59:45+00:00

This is such a common enquiry that we have prepare a separate page dedicated to answering it here.

What does an LSM consultation cost?2020-05-08T13:06:01+00:00

The cost of an LSM consultation and related services depends on which practitioner you attend. Charges vary worldwide, and are decided individually by each clinic.

Likewise the pace of LSM follow-up consultations varies, but typically patients of LSM need a process of re-tests over the medium to long term, which take place at a regular pace (e.g. such as once every 3 to 6 weeks, again depending on the case and on the clinic). This is because benefits of LSM are cumulative over time – because LSM is not based on looking for a quick, magic bullet, but instead on helping the system to find its own way to better health at its own pace and at a whole-system level and via its own internal processes.

In some regions, some of the costs may be recompensed by health insurers, depending on what services your practitioner is offering, and which insurance plan you have.

What is the difference between energy fields and information fields?2020-06-01T03:27:03+00:00

Many people use phrases such as “subtle energy fields” to refer vaguely to as yet poorly understood fields used in healing modalities. However, in Living Systems Medicine we prefer to be precise and use the scientific terminology of information fields as distinct from energy fields. This idea is a core aspect of LSM and warrants explanation.

In ancient Greece, the idea of the “atom” was proposed. This was the idea that everything in the universe might be composed of indivisible, basic units of matter. Towards the end of the 19th century, electromagnetism was defined and so modern science recognised a second domain that was within these atoms of matter: energy fields. It was then thought by physicists that there are two domains of substance: matter and energy. (This dichotomy was also later reflected by the famous “wave/particle duality” in physics research).

However, in the twentieth century, a third domain became recognised in physics, that is separate from matter and energy. This third domain is information.

Matter, energy and information all interrelate (as shown, for example, in the wave/particle duality experiments), so it is not that they exist in separate locations, but, rather, that they comprise different perspectives or aspects of the substance of everything.

Information, or information fields, represent the patterning of an underlying substrate. Author Rupert Sheldrake (in his book, “Morphic Resonance”) has likened the difference between matter, energy and information to a house construction project, in which matter is the bricks, energy is the construction workers, and information is the house design. The latter can be encoded in a carrier medium (e.g. the house architect’s drawings can be set to paper) but essentially comprises the shape or form that things will take. Even if the construction workers place the bricks together, they will not form a functional house without the element of design to shape the project.

In the same way, our internal organs require information to grow and function. Think of this like a template. Did you know that every organ in your body contains cells that have the exact same DNA, and yet the structure and function of cells in different organs are vastly different? Have you ever wondered how that takes place? How on Earth do all the same undifferentiated cells, with identical DNA, differentiate into such an array of different cell types around the body? Furthermore, when researcher Robert O. Becker MD (author of “The Body Electric”) grafted a salamander’s tail cells onto its leg stump, he wondered if a tail would grow on the leg stump – but instead these tail cells mysteriously transformed into leg cells! Dr. Becker concluded that the only plausible explanation is that there is an informational template in the area of the leg, or otherwise that would not happen, and there would not be a functional leg.

What kind of treatments are used in LSM?2020-06-01T03:26:49+00:00

This is such a common enquiry that we have prepare a separate page dedicated to answering it here.

What’s actually in an LSM Resonance Remedy? / How can just a drop under the tongue do so much?2020-06-01T03:26:41+00:00

This is such a common enquiry that we have prepare a separate page dedicated to answering it here.

Why does this website have non-medical content like music, art and humor, and articles about topics such as spiritual health, bitcoin, money, sexology and society?2020-06-01T03:26:14+00:00

Living Systems Medicine forms the central, practical part of a broader transformation of paradigm which we are introducing under the name that we coined in 2009 for the broader transition taking place throughout science and society: The Living Systems Revolution.

Forerunners of this paradigm shift began to publish their seminal works about half-way through the twentieth century, and with our unique and original vision as presented on this website we are ushering in a revolution of ideas so that it moves into full swing. These ideas are in process of transforming practically all sciences, arts and areas of society. For this reason, we decided from the start to include a lot of medical and health-related content on this website, but also to contextualise and complement that with a regular stream of content relating to other areas of life in which The Living Systems Revolution is having an impact.

The Nonlinear Path is a key example. This phrase, coined in 2019 by Simon J. Rees ND, refers to an overriding need to take a new approach in almost all areas of science, art and society. This is because a majority of the world’s problems boil down to a single, near-universal cause: the over-emphasis on linear, reductionist modes of thought and method. To remedy this, we advocate the concept of nonlinearity, a key area of systems science. Throughout this website we talk about why, and what this means for medicine as well as many areas of life and society.

LSM Resonance Testing picked up [XYZ] but I don’t see how I could possibly have [XYZ] in my body?2020-06-01T03:25:49+00:00

The first point to make is that if this relates to the information fields of toxins such as mercury or lead, or to the information fields of common infectious agents such as candida or parasites, finding these in the majority of patients being tested will come as no surprise, as these are near-universal in prevalence.

Next it is important to point out that we draw a relationship between the information fields of things such as toxins and infectious agents, and the actual things. This relationship is at the same time not accepted in modern medicine, which does not consider information fields a valid concept in medicine. Modern medicine does not do so because it is operating based on an out-of-date nineteenth century Newtonian paradigm which proceeds as though the last century of developments of paradigm in modern physics never took place. However, in Living Systems Medicine we take a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) view which is different, and thus drawing from modern physics we do see a relationship.

Next it is useful to point out that the great majority of people in modern societies have been extensively exposed to small but long-term, bioaccumulating levels of heavy metals including mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, aluminum and radioactive toxins, for the simple reason that all of these toxins have become widespread, biopersistant contaminants of the very ecosystems from which we draw our food, water and air. They get into the rains, the soils and the crops. This is not a local problem but a global one. Therefore do not feel surprised at the thought that you, too, will have mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, aluminum and radioactive toxins in your body. How many you have, and in which organs and tissues, varies from case to case.

Another useful point to note is that the names on LSM Resonance Testing vials or remedies, such as “Maxillary Sinuses” or “Strep A”, are not always to be taken literally. Through a concept known as the Law of Similars, we find that what arises in LSM Resonance Testing is often but not always exact to the corresponding biofields in the body. For instance, “Maxillary Sinuses” may come up for biofields of neighbouring sinuses such as the Frontal Sinuses, or “Strep A” may come up for biofields of a different strain of bacteria such as Strep P. Once you think in terms of information fields, you realize that each item is not necessarily a discrete entity, but more like a colour on a palette of colours where there could be over a hundred similar shades of light green, and the degree of precision needed to achieve a given outcome will vary from case to case. Therefore, when you see a name on an LSM Resonance Remedy label, don’t necessarily take it literally.

Is the type of muscle testing used in LSM the same thing as applied kinesiology?2020-06-01T03:25:14+00:00

Technically yes, although it is so different to the usual form of applied kinesiology that most people are accustomed to, that a distinction needs to be made – and we have had many experienced kinesiologists who studied LSM and then told us that they think our method of muscle-testing is better.

Here we are referring only to the mechanical method of testing the muscle, rather than the “mental software” behind what is evaluated.

The main difference is that LSM Resonance Testing is a non-force type of muscle test. In this way it is similar to the type of muscle testing used in Field Control Therapy (FCT) and, before FCT, by certain kinesiologists and chiropractors. That is to say, instead of pressing down a muscle and asking a patient to resist the force applied, e.g. as typically done on the arm, wrist or hand in applied kinesiology, in LSM we muscle test the ankles to evaluate the presence or absence of an involuntary stress response there.

Consider the huge difference between evaluating “muscle strength” vs “muscle stress”. One (regular applied kinesiology) is a resistance test involving the patient’s will to hold the muscle strong, whereas the other one (LSM) is an involuntary reflex test.

As the patient does not need to resist any force or do anything in LSM muscle testing, we find this type of muscle testing more objective, as well as being better suited to being used for a series of many hundreds of muscle test responses that are evaluated in a typical LSM Resonance Test (which would be much less feasible or practical using the typical form of conventional applied kinesiology).

Aren’t electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from things like cell phones and computers / mercury from dental fillings / x-ray radiation safe under existing exposure guidelines?2020-06-01T03:24:52+00:00

A mistake that is commonly made is that many people fail to realize the gap between science and politics. They are not the same thing, and frequently they are in conflict with each other.

Toxicology is the scientific study of factors which have a toxic effect on the body – including mercury, radiation and electromagnetic fields. In contrast, so-called “safe levels” are a political notion, decided by people who have university degrees in subjects such as political science and philosophy, not toxicology. Furthermore, politicians are under a constant pressure from the public, and particularly from lobby groups, which means that they have to keep many people happy, and juggle many competing agendas.

Is it any surprise, therefore, that a notion such as a “safe level”, which has no bearing at all in toxicology, should have become a widespread notion in politics?

There are many reasons in toxicology why there is no such thing as a “safe level” that can be defined for a whole population. One of the most clear-cut and important ones is the well-established principle of “synergistic toxicity”. This means that before you can determine how toxic a particular toxin is, you must first know what other toxins are adjacent to it, and what the combined toxicity impact is. Well-known examples of this principle include mercury and aluminum, or mercury and lead. Just a tiny bit of aluminum or lead makes a tiny bit of mercury 50 or 100 times more toxic!

As this illustrates, this principle changes our ability to assess the toxicity of any toxin by many orders of magnitude. It just isn’t possible to be able to define a generally “saf