A complete training program in Living Systems Medicine (LSM)

The LSM Graduate Program represents our in-depth, complete training option for students who want to practise LSM professionally.

If you have ever wanted to help people, and society in general, through learning to practise a more enlightened health approach, The LSM Graduate Program has been created for this purpose.

The LSM Graduate Program comprises a course of study that was put together specifically with the following aim in mind: to provide a complete training program to assist students in learning to practise LSM professionally with full clinical expertise and safety.

More information will be added here soon, when the prospectus for the next teaching cycle is ready.

The course has been designed with chiropractors, functional medicine doctors, naturopaths, conventional doctors, nurses, nutritionists, homeopaths, kinesiologists, bioresonance practitioners, osteopaths, craniosacral therapists, dentists, herbalists, acupuncturists and other healthcare professionals in mind. It is also open to others, with accompanying requirements of study in anatomy, physiology and pathology.