“I have expanded my clinic and patient portfolio dramatically. First I used in my practice what I learned from the Foundation Course for 9 months, and now the Graduate Program has taken what I’m doing up onto a whole new level. This has not been just a small step, but a massive leap forward. Now LSM is the main thing I do, because it works better than everything else.”
– Dr. Daniel Brannigan DC, Doctor of Chiropractic, California, USA

“Taught clearly and concisely, with great practice set-up aids and clinical support from the teachers.”
– Dr. Sophia Clarke MD, Medical Doctor, Kent, England

“I have four major qualifications: Naturopathic Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy and Acupuncture. I obtained these at some of the best colleges in the world, located in Australia. I have been a seasoned practitioner of these disciplines for decades, and I went on to teach them at colleges. Yet I can say with confidence that it is Living Systems Medicine that gets the best patient outcomes.”
– Anne Darcy RN ND, Tipperary, Ireland

“Delivered in an effective and productive way by two very helpful and extremely supportive teachers who also happen to have a great sense of humor!”
– Dr. Antonio Betancourt MD, Medical Doctor, Florida, USA

“I see Living Systems Medicine (LSM) as a premier system available for helping patients recover and heal at the deepest level. I use Living Systems Medicine in my Functional Medicine practice daily and the results have been consistently impressive. My primary use of LSM is to address the “toxic” assault the environment has had on the body and the subsequent disruption of health that has resulted. Finding and fixing the toxicity component contributing to one’s health struggles is key to allowing a healthier tomorrow. Living Systems Medicine has, by far, proven itself to be one of the most important elements in my arsenal of healing.”
– Dr. David Siegel DC, Doctor of Chiropractic, Ohio, USA

“Stimulating teachers – extremely supportive.”
– Nina Ennaji, Kinesiologist, Cornwall, England

“Simon Rees and Kevin Eakins are great instructors who know their material and obviously love teaching LSM. They continually are researching and learning themselves incorporating that new knowledge into their teachings. I quite pleasantly found as well that they have unending patience and put the effort in to make sure that each student understands and can then effectively put their learning of LSM into practice.

“LSM is a great technique that is very safe, and in my experience, has helped many people who would otherwise struggle to get the help they need and/or have tried many other methods, medications or supplements before deciding to try LSM. I have seen clients, who feel they are very sensitive and react to drugs and/or supplements, respond very well to LSM and thereby gain a new level of greater health. As a Naturopathic Doctor (or other health care practitioner) you quickly appreciate that the learning doesn’t end once you graduate from your college. You realize as you get experience as a practitioner that often more is needed than just cleaning up the diet and giving specialized supplements. LSM offers another and gentle way to potentially go deeper into the healing process. It works well in conjunction with nutrition and supplements as well as homeopathy.”
– Dr. Ann Lawrence ND BSc, Naturopathic Doctor, Ontario, Canada

“Having practised and taught ART for several years I was looking for a way to eliminate heavy metals from the body in the most targeted way. Redistribution of metals and other toxins is a real concern, as there is potential for them to move from relatively innocuous tissues into the very organs that are the most compromised. Now, with Living Systems Medicine I am able to assist the body in its targeted expulsion of heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, pharmaceutical residues and more, in organs and tissues as diverse as the brain, bone marrow, endocrine glands and heart without the worry of redistribution. By overcoming this hurdle alone, Living Systems Medicine opens up a whole new world of possibilities to both practitioners and those they care for.”
– Jonathan Frewing BA (Hons), ART I & II, England

“The lecturers guide students in a painless sequence to ensure patient safety and student confidence to carry out the testing. Pleasant venues, interesting students.”
– Carolyn Green BDS, Biological Dentist, England

“The LSM programme has been systematically organised with students of all levels in mind. I commend Simon and Kevin on all their hard work in putting their new LSM course together. LSM is essential for anyone who is having their mercury dental fillings removed, or who otherwise is concerned about mercury toxicity in their bodies.”
– Stewart Wright BDS, Biological Dentist, Scotland