DIY Health: A stand-alone self-help course for the layperson

The DIY Health Course provides concentrated fast-track learning primarily for the non-professional who wants to learn and apply an amazing set of practical tools covering 125 everyday situations.

Through use of an accompanying self-help manual, plus one stand-alone teaching event for the hands-on learning of LSM Resonance Testing, this course is designed for those who want to help themselves and their family to stay healthy at home.

It has become widely recognised that our decisions and actions at home play a large role in influencing our health – just as important as the role played by health professionals, if not more so. Why, then, wouldn’t attention be given to help ordinary people, with no healthcare background, to learn practical self-help tools? It’s a no-brainer that the world needs this – which is why we added this course as a study option at The Living Systems Academy.

Note that the 125 everyday situations covered have nothing to do with diseases. These are all simple but common health-related situations in which there are easily applicable general wellness tools and knowledge to help us all to keep ourselves healthy.

In our view, this would be a better world if these things were known in every household, and if children grew up learning these skills as a part of universal basic education.