About the use of Memon products for electrosmog

Memon products are in our experience the very best tools in the world for reducing the health impact of electromagnetic radiation, sometimes referred to as “electrosmog”.

Their coverage includes mitigation of the harmful impact of:

  1. Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from 4G, 5G, WiFi, cell phones, cordless phones, household electrics, pylons, smart meters, computers, tablets, bluetooth and other sources.
  2. Geopathic stress.
  3. The disconnect that often occurs, in our modern EMR-rich environment, between our bodies and the Earth’s health-sustaining fields. This includes the Schumann and other resonances as discovered by NASA to help astronauts survive in space.

Memon product details and background information

We are passionate about Memon products because we have used them for ourselves and patients for well over a decade and found them to be the best available tools by far for reducing the impact in our lives of common sources of electromagnetic field and information field disturbance.

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How to order

We sell Memon products through individual request, and sometimes it may be helpful to discuss options first.

All Memon products are guaranteed for at least 20 years by the manufacturers, who also say they are likely to last much longer than that.

Please contact us to make a purchase or to discuss Memon.