The LSM Home Study Track: Learn only at home

Unlike our full training program (which is called the LSM Graduate Program), the LSM Home Study Track offers a reduced version that includes only the home study modules.

These are made available here as a study option on their own for those who want to benefit from the online study modules as a stand-alone study option, without needing to commit to the whole program aimed at full professional training.

The LSM Home Study Track lacks study modules that are essential for those wishing to practise professionally – such as hands-on training events, clinical mentoring and teacher-student interaction. Therefore, we do not recommend this study track for the serious professional student of LSM.

Nonetheless, many people have expressed to us over the years a desire to get benefit from all the amazing topics covered in the online learning material, as a stand-alone option – and so we introduced this option. It is a slightly lower-cost study option, bearing in mind that the fees in this case do not include any events in person, nor any teacher-student interaction.

This option may suit those who, for various potential reasons, are unable to travel to events or do not wish to do so. It may also suit those who want to study the valuable health content non-professionally and without wanting hands-on training. There is always an option to upgrade to the full program later.

This track would therefore best suit those whose learning style is orientated towards self-study and self-motivation while studying alone at home. That said, there is hands-on practical work incorporated in the LSM Home Study Track – just without the opportunity to learn with instructors and peers at group events. If your learning style is that you prefer to learn by doing, and through interaction with others (which is also the best way to learn practical skills), then we recommend that you instead consider one of the other study tracks which includes hands-on events.