The LSM Foundation Course – A professional introduction to Living Systems Medicine (LSM)

The LSM Foundation Course is for those who, before embarking on a longer, professional program of LSM study, wish to start with a shorter introductory course – yet while learning a core range of absolutely indispensable tools that can be immediately applied to clinical practice.

This includes those who do not yet know much about LSM, or who do not know yet whether they wish to practise professionally, as well as serving as a useful primer for experienced students.

The LSM Foundation Course provides an amazing introduction to LSM, with a hands-on orientation. By the end of the LSM Foundation Course, you will return to your clinic with many new skills you can start using on Monday morning, which will revolutionise your clinical practice.

To date, 78% of students who have ever attended a Foundation Course with us have gone on to study the full LSM Graduate Program afterwards. This in itself speaks volumes as to the high quality of the training courses we offer.

Why study LSM?

  • Have you ever wondered if you could do more for your most complex, challenging cases?
  • Have you ever felt that there were key skills and knowledge missing at the heart of existing healthcare approaches?
  • Have you ever wondered how all the different tools should be best integrated and prioritised for each individual?
  • Have you ever wanted to take what you do up to the next level?

Then the LSM Foundation Course provides exactly what you’ve been wishing for.

Obtain a profound introduction to LSM Resonance Testing, Information Medicine, LSM Nutritional Therapy, The 5 Key Organ Systems and other key aspects of health, aimed at providing a core grounding in several foundational aspects of LSM. These events provide an amazing package of learning that we feel confident represents the cutting edge in the field of health and wellness.

What you get

Because this is only one stand-alone event, the majority of LSM training is reserved for the longer LSM Graduate Program. However, although the content is introductory, the teaching is nonetheless at a high level. There is a lot of emphasis on both practical hands-on work (in person) and in-depth theory (via the home study part of the course). We help you to learn immediate tools applicable to a broad range of common health situations.

More information will be added here soon, when the prospectus for the next teaching cycle is ready.