LSM is not conventional medicine

Living Systems Medicine (LSM) is not a form of conventional medicine – but it works with and supports conventional medicine. LSM and conventional medicine are different but compatible.

We actively encourage everybody to seek medical evaluation and advice from a conventional doctor. LSM is complementary to that, not a substitute.

What do we mean by the word “medicine” in the phrase Living Systems Medicine?

The phrase Living Systems Medicine refers to an approach to health based on living systems science. Specifically, it is based on what we define as The 12 Key Properties of Living Systems. To give three examples, one of these properties is unity, another is interconnectivity, and a third one is intelligence. These properties explain why Living Systems Medicine is not conventional medicine and is fundamentally different to it (while being complementary to it).

Because of the unity and interconnectivity of living systems, in LSM we do not focus on diseases, but on the whole system. LSM focuses on long-term, whole-system, general wellness. In LSM we do not diagnose, treat or prevent diseases. We treat people not diseases.

Because of the intelligence of living systems, the aim of LSM is to improve the whole system’s own self-management. We do not ourselves seek to solve the health problems – we work to help the system solve its own health problems.

What do we mean by the words “testing”, “remedies” and “treatment” in LSM?

LSM Resonance Testing tests only the biofields of organs, it is not a test of physical organs, and it does not diagnose anything medical at all as it is not a medical diagnostic test.

LSM Resonance Remedies are one of the treatments (or, more accurately said, “wellness outputs”) employed in LSM. They contain only water imprinted with biofields, and are not a form of conventional medication or conventional medical treatment.

This and/or other forms of treatment used in LSM are not conventional medical treatments. Instead, what we refer to as “LSM treatments” or “LSM wellness outputs” are all geared towards providing supportive inputs aimed at helping to improve the intelligent self-management of living systems. This typically includes lifestyle, dietary and nutritional changes or inputs – none of which are conventional medical treatments.

What type of medicine is LSM?

LSM is part of what is called the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) sector. This sector comprises a broad range of complementary and alternative approaches to health.

LSM is a complementary form of medicine, not a substitute for orthodox medicine. The approach to medicine that LSM takes is to focus on general wellness, not on what is conventionally described as “diagnosing, treating or preventing diseases”.

Not all forms of medicine are disease-focused.

Long before the word “medicine” was used by a particular, modern, biochemical, reductionist science approach to medicine known as conventional or orthodox medicine, this word goes back thousands of years to our ancestors: The “medicine man” was simply the person in the tribe that you would go to when you wanted some help with your health.

This has not changed (except that the many Medicine Women need recognition too!) And this process does not need to involve the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of diseases, because there are many forms of medicine (including conventional or orthodox medicine which is one of them).

Your right to freedom of medical choice

It is a universal human right of every citizen of Earth to choose what type of medicine or healthcare he or she wishes to receive – or to actively partake of through lifestyle, diet and other means.

No provider of any medical services can stake a monopoly in the health sector, without impinging on your rights – in the same way as monopolies are not considered acceptable in any other industry.

We enthusiastically support your use of conventional medicine – alongside complementary approaches.

We encourage you to seek health advice from your conventional medical provider, and also from complementary providers. We note that it is you, yourself, who must then make your own health decisions. Do your own research, and make your own informed decisions about health. It is your right, and nobody can do that for you.

Medical disclaimer

Nothing on this website is a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or symptom.