Public outreach

Over recent weeks and months we have been flooded with calls for help, and masses of people asking what our response is to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. Rather than give a quick, impulsive response, we decided to take some time out in order to do extensive research, so that we could then offer a response in keeping with our reputation for being the source of the best quality health-related information and tools available.

Did you know that your body is an intelligent self-managing system? And that this means it is perfectly capable of thriving, given appropriate conditions and support? This is the basis of Living Systems Medicine.

So our response is twofold:

  1. To meet the requests for help by providing a practical Immune Support Pack.
  2. To raise the bar by bringing the discussion of immune support to the front and centre from now on. At present, nobody in the mainstream is talking about it. Here we will be writing a lot more in the coming weeks about immune support, which has in our opinion just been catapulted into the spotlight as the SINGLE most important topic in the world right now. It just so happens that when it comes to immune support, this has always been where Living Systems Medicine excels.

About the support pack

Our Support Pack contains what we consider to be the BEST health and wellness tools in the world, incorporating: Living Systems Medicine (LSM); Herbal Medicine; Nutritional Therapy; Naturopathy; Traditional Chinese Medicine; mask; gloves; alcohol wipes; extensive action notes.

Following massive demand for our first batch, we restocked. However, we cannot guarantee continued availability, given that many suppliers worldwide currently have waiting lists of up to several months.

You can purchase the Support Pack here.

Below, for those who want the full details, you can read quality information about the wellness tools we put into the Pack, and why.

Three options

  1. The Core Pack
    Focused on the essentials that we wanted to provide at a minimal cost to the buyer, and covering all the most important bases. Loaded with many important items. Includes 14 LSM Organ Resonance Remedies, 5 LSM Resonance Support Protocols, 8 Herbs, 4 Supplements, mask, gloves and alcohol wipes.
  2. The Extended Pack (also nicknamed “The Full Pack” by several customers, as it is the most popular one)
    The same as the Core Pack but with the addition of other very useful general wellness items that we are taking ourselves. These additional items comprise 7 LSM Organ Resonance Remedies, 4 LSM Resonance Support Protocols, 3 Herbs and 5 Supplements.
  3. The Family Pack
    Added in response to several requests for a family/household kit. We pulled out all the stops on this one by combining 4 Core Packs + 1 full set of all of the extras included in the Extended Pack + 1 free clinic consultation bundled in worth 185 GBP.

Key points

  • Purpose of the pack
    This protocol incorporates scientific tools for supporting healthy immunity and general wellness. This includes resonances, herbs and nutrients relating to the body’s innate immunity against all and any viruses, and particularly respiratory ones, as well as including specific immune resonances of COVID-19, flu and other viruses.
  • Why these items?
    We are professionally qualified in all of the above disciplines, with over 15 years of clinical and teaching experience. It took us many years of research to prepare the knowledge and tools that have come together to make this pack possible. We extensively reviewed many options in a long, careful process, and conferred with our network of top experts from around the world. Then we selected the most important items. In short, these are the same solutions we are using for ourselves and our loved ones.
  • General wellness
    The enclosed items double up as a versatile general wellness pack, which has not been offered to the public before and which we are offering here at very affordable rates. LSM, and everything in the pack, is orientated towards our definition of The 5 Key Organ Systems. Think of these as “the tide that lifts all boats” within your body – whether or not there is any viral threat involved. So we use these tools on a regular basis for self-support even when there is no viral threat or virus involved. They contain what are in our view the world’s most powerful wellbeing support remedies. This general wellness benefit is especially true of the Extended Pack which incorporates a more complete coverage in relation to all of The 5 Key Organ Systems.

Medical advice

  • If you have been diagnosed with, or are showing possible symptoms of, a COVID-19 infection, see a doctor. If you are in the UK read the official NHS advice, and if you are in another country then likewise stay updated in your region. This pack consists only of complementary tools. Nothing in it is claimed to treat or prevent COVID-19, flu or any other medical condition. These are not medical treatments at all. They are general wellness tools for supporting the whole system on a nutritional level.

What does each Core Pack contain?

LSM Resonance Remedies for immune support

  • These 14 bottles (7 of which have not been made available before) contain resonances for immune biofield support in relation to COVID-19 coronavirus, flu or any other viral threat – and to promote general wellness. They are informational primers to help living systems self-manage more intelligently – the central aim of LSM. Think of them as strategic inputs to the General in charge of an army: in wartime, providing a good strategy is more important than providing additional footsoldiers and supplies, even though all of these are helpful.
  • The information fields covered relate to resonances of pernicious factors including COVID-19 and other viruses, and a selection of resonances of THE most important organs and tissues in the body for immune defense against COVID-19 or other viral attack. The “fields” and “resonances” that we refer to are not recognised yet in conventional medicine – this is a Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) general wellness approach.

Instructions for five brand new, never before released LSM Resonance Support Protocols depending on the situation

  • We drew from our extensive experience, choosing from thousands of resonance options, to select what in our view are the TOP general-use resonances for immune biofield support in relation to COVID-19 coronavirus, flu or any other viral threat – and related situations such as either mild or severe infection that may be already present. We then formulated these into five newly designed, practical protocols – tailored to each situation. All remedies are sequenced by priority, with carefully chosen potencies and accompanying instructions on how to take them, and how often.
  • The use of resonances for wellness in LSM has a precedent in various cousin approaches including Isopathy (founded by Dr Constantine Hering MD), Field Control Therapy / FCT (founded by Dr Savely Yurkovsky MD), Homeopathy (founded by Dr Samuel Hahnemann MD), Homotoxicology (founded by Dr Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg), Radionics (founded by Albert Abrams) and Bioresonance Testing (founded by Dr Reinhard Voll). We have found LSM and its cousin approaches to be among the most powerful wellness tools, when used with appropriate choices and sequencing – because they work at the deeper level of information fields, yet with SPECIFIC sequential precision to resonances of key organs and pernicious factors.

Eight little known yet crucial antiviral herbal medicines in one tincture

  • This comprises the world’s most powerful eight antiviral herbs from the herbal medicine literature, according to the scholarly research of master herbalist Stephen Harrod Buhner, the highly-esteemed world-class author of the masterwork “Herbal Antivirals”. In his survey, he scoured the science, and all of the major Herbal Medicine traditions of the world, weighing up thousands of herbs, before narrowing down his choices with outstanding references and scientific information.
  • By “antiviral” this does not mean a medical treatment of viruses, but, according to Buhner, an antiviral effect on a nutritional level which has been documented in many scientific studies.
  • The eight herbs included are:
    • Isatis *
    • Lomatium *
    • Houttuynia *
    • Chinese Skullcap *
    • Elderberry
    • Ginger
    • Oregano
    • Liquorice
  • * Of these eight, the most important ones are the first four – which are also the ones that are less well-known, and relatively rare to locate. The last four are added as helpful synergists to the first four, and they too have potent secondary benefit.
  • We source our herbs from the highest quality suppliers recommended by Buhner.
  • These are NOT the typical natural products that people often mention in relation to immune support such as garlic or echinacea. We have gone far deeper than that. According to Buhner’s research and references, these eight herbs are far more powerful.

What Buhner thinks about life-threatening infections

  • A key point that Buhner makes in his book is that conventional medicine is alarmingly short of options when it comes to antiviral treatments – which is why he makes an argument that if we are going to be realistic about taking action to protect people then in his view we need to turn to Herbal Medicine for strong alternatives. Here I am referencing Buhner’s professional opinion – but I note that most conventional medical authorities do not agree and do not make use of Herbal Medicine.
  • In his books Buhner talks about using his selected herbs even in the severest of life-threatening infections such as encephalitis and sepsis. (Again: we are NOT saying that this is a substitute for conventional medical care! You should get to a hospital right away if you have such conditions. These are ALL complementary tools). We are not able to vouch for these usages, as we have not had an opportunity to test them out using these herbs. However, we note that he draws from many scientific references – and we wanted to share his point here in order to demonstrate that when we say “herbs” we are not talking about something mild like a spruce of parsley!

Four key antiviral nutritional supplements

  • If there are burglars around, why would you leave your front door wide open? There is an easy, cheap way of closing and bolting the door.
  • After 15 years of exhaustive research into the nutritional science literature, considering THOUSANDS of options, we have selected THE TOP FOUR most important foundational nutritional support supplements for virus-related immune support. And with attention to the best FORM and DOSAGE of each one, to ensure the most successful strategy.
  • We had a much longer shortlist – so these were the final winners – chosen based on which are most helpful to The 5 Key Organ Systems – the key parts of the human body as recognised in LSM which work to keep living systems healthy and resistant to infection.
  • It cannot be over-stated how key these 4 nutrients are, in higher doses than modern diets provide, and in the optimum form of each that we have carefully chosen, to provide immediate and powerful support to help the immune system to defend itself. And yet because of a modern indoors lifestyle plus mass agricultural practices, THE MAJORITY of modern populations in countries such as the UK and the USA have been documented to be DEFICIENT in the first 3 of these very nutrients. This is covered by detailed science we include in the pack notes. This effectively means that when any viral epidemic comes around, many people might as well be sitting ducks.

About these top four nutritional supplements

  • Vitamin D3
    Necessary for healthy immunity, yet most people are nowadays deficient due to spending too much time indoors. We provide it as drops with MCT oil for improved absorption. We provide enough for our protocol based on a combination of key elements of recommendations from Dr Stasha Gominack, Phillip Day, Dr Mercola and the Vitamin D Council. The importance of this nutrient is so far-reaching in modern life that it should in our opinion be listed in Number One position at the top of the national health agenda. Vitamin D testing is also recommended, although the dosages in our pack are safe and are aimed at the average amounts needed by residents of the UK, Ireland and the USA.
  • Vitamin C
    A potent antioxidant to help the immune system, including during times of infection. We provide it in a sufficient oral dosage for acute application, and with bioflavonoids included. 180g total supply quantity. This provides an affordable and accessible alternative to intravenous or liposomal options, to reach the same orthomolecular medicine outcomes. We note that there are many opinions flying around at the moment concerning which is the best form of vitamin C. The reality is that the “best” forms touted by various sources cost between 3 and 12 times more than the ordinary forms. For those who wish to spend more, then that is your choice, and may bring other benefits. However, our objective with this pack is to get the job done without unnecessary expense – by laying the core foundations of nutritional immune support in a way that isn’t only meant for the rich – whilst noting that the same vitamin C immune benefits can be achieved through this high-dose oral dose as through the other more expensive forms.
  • Zinc with spirulina
    Zinc is the most important mineral for immune function, yet many people are deficient due to impoverished soils. We provide a highly absorbable, unusually high quality food-grade form. The one we provide also contains some superfoods like spirulina for nutrients that are cofactors to the other items in this pack, and to its aims, including traces of magnesium, selenium, vitamin K and B-vitamins.
  • Vitamin A
    A well-referenced antiviral vitamin that helps maintain the integrity of the epithelium of the mucous membranes where our innate immunity defends us against viruses.

Key Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) self-treatment instructions

  • Acupuncturists use many “meridian” points – but there is one in particular which is the most important point in the body for immune support. Did you know that you can treat it for free at home, without even needing an acupuncturist to do it for you? And furthermore without using any needles? We enclose clear instructions, with diagrams, to show how.

Reusable N95 face mask

  • Face masks have been famously thin on the ground lately. We provide 1 per pack (while our stocks last). We narrowed down the selection based on several preferences: (a) reusable; (b) N95 rating, an indication of higher quality filtration, as recommended by the WHO; (c) snug fitting germ barrier on the face (unless you have a beard, in which case it won’t be such a tight fit); (d) adjustable at the bridge of the nose.
  • Face masks are not useless – but don’t imagine they offer full protection either. We are not saying you should be using one – but we provide one so that you can make that choice yourself, which may also depend on your individual home and occupational context. We are not using a mask ourselves. One potential benefit they provide is to protect your nose and mouth from your own fingers. Coronavirus droplets could remain active for a while on surfaces that you may touch when you are out and about. Note that if you use a face mask, there are guidelines that should be followed, which most users have not been following – e.g., it should be handled in the correct way when placing on and off the face, and should be washed regularly. Otherwise, a face mask could itself become a source of infection.

20 latex-free disposable gloves (in 2 sizes)

  • Based on advice from a world-class virologist, whose detailed advice we include in our pack notes, gloves are just as helpful as face masks, if not more so – during certain activities outdoors such as when you go to shops or other public places – because of how frequently we may be touching surfaces contaminated with coronavirus droplets.

30 alcohol mini wipes

  • Again based on the advice from the same world-class virologist, a helpful precautionary measure is to wipe your fingers, and/or surfaces, with a disinfectant consisting of at least 60% alcohol whenever you suspect that you or the surface may have come into contact with viral droplets. These small mini wipes are handy to keep by the door and in your car.

Additional PDFs with other useful information

  • How to protect yourself and loved ones from a viral threat, according to expert hygiene advice from a world-class virologist and coronavirus expert – a useful reference given how much misinformation and panic have been spread around recently.
  • Key points of lifestyle guidance for self-protection.

We are also offering the opportunity to recoup 50% of your purchase value in the form of tokens on an online cooperative

  • Imagine if every time you used social media, email, messaging, online shopping or many other online services, you actually got paid for it! – simply by being a co-owner of the global cooperative hosting an interface to all of them.
  • As a bonus, and at a small cost to ourselves, we are offering a full 50% of your purchase value in tokens that add to your credit on the network. They carry no associated time restrictions or obligations, and you do not need to claim them unless you wish to. Joining this online cooperative is free. The successful outcome or financial value of this offer is not guaranteed by us, because this is a third-party project. We are including it because it looks promising.
  • This project has attracted our attention because they have set up a social media hub combined with other online services such as online shopping and business networking, all of which respect users’ privacy and on a network which actively pays users merely for interacting with the network as co-owners of it. This antidotes the trend whereby large corporations like Google and Facebook have become infamous for not respecting users’ privacy – and for harvesting your private data in order to monetize it without you getting paid.

So a question to ask yourself every time you interact with Google and Facebook is: why are they not paying you for your interactions with their platforms?

  • During the current pandemic, some governments are offering handouts to all citizens, i.e., a temporary Universal Basic Income (UBI). Notably, the online cooperative that our offer relates to has ALREADY been structured to do this in perpetuity. And without any need to drain state resources! This is because it facilitates a UBI for all members simply because they are members. What an exciting idea!
  • The source of the revenue stream to all members (well may you ask) arises from the collective activity of all of the members. In other words, from the productivity of the community.
  • This could be how the whole of society is constructed – but society is instead “rigged” so that it does not happen. Whilst this discussion is not directly focused on the physical health of the body, this is an example of what we mean by the phrase, “The Living Systems Revolution”: systems science holds tools to solve problems in many types of system. One of them is society – and surely it is time for us to “unrig” the system!

Is it true that alternative health content is increasingly being censored online?

  • There is another promising feature to consider about the online cooperative described above. Alternative health content is increasingly being removed from competitors like Facebook and many other online corporate-owned platforms.
  • It is true, and easily verifiable through the public record concerning SEO website statistics, but it may not be happening for the reasons you think. There is a rising trend in what we could call “centralized content management” on behalf of readers. In short, there are content curators in many corporations who hold the view that your online content should be curated to make sure that you are only exposed to government-approved health information.
  • Is that what you really want? If so, then you may as well steer clear of this online cooperative project, because they are bucking this trend. They are not corporate-owned. There is no censorship of alternative health content. So you can make up your own mind about health topics without needing to be spoonfed.

What additional items does each Extended Pack contain?

7 additional LSM Resonance Remedies

  • Extending beyond immune support and towards general wellness in other areas, these comprise key supportive resonances relating to biofields of skin, hair, energy, sex organs and elimination.

Instructions for four further brand new, never before released LSM Resonance Support Protocols

  • To better encompass The 5 Key Organ Systems, we went the extra mile by adding four further LSM Resonance Support Protocols, which are the basis of selection for the 7 additional LSM Resonance Remedies:
    • Emotional Resonance Support Protocol
    • Elimination & Stomach Resonance Support Protocol
    • Energy, Metabolic & Sexual Resonance Support Protocol
    • Skin and Hair Resonance Support Protocol
  • As with everything else, we enclose simple, clear instructions about how to make use of these remedies and protocols safely and effectively.

Three little known yet crucial antibacterial herbal medicines in one tincture

  • These are the world’s most powerful three antibacterial herbs from the global herbal medicine literature, according to the scholarly research of Stephen Harrod Buhner:
    • Cryptolepis
    • Sida
    • Alchornea
  • These are not widely available herbs, yet were chosen by Buhner based on meticulous scientific research and references in his book, “Herbal Antibiotics” (the accompanying volume to his other book, “Herbal Antivirals”).
  • We all get bacterial infections at some point in our lives – and so this tincture will become indispensable for every household eventually.
  • Bacterial pneumonia itself kills 29,000 people per year in the UK. This makes it the leading cause of death from an infection, and the 6th leading cause of death from any cause. Worldwide it is also the leading cause of death in children under 5 years old.
  • We are NOT offering this as a REPLACEMENT of conventional medical treatment including conventional antibiotics. These are all complementary tools. You should always seek professional medical advice for ANY medical complaint that you have.

Antibiotic resistance and the uses of these herbs

  • The WHO recognises antibiotic resistance as a growing global crisis. It is a threat to our future survival as a species. Conventional antibiotics are becoming less and less effective over time, due to over-use.
  • Buhner went on a quest to find a solution to this crisis. In “Herbal Antibiotics”, he claims to have found it.
  • In our opinion this herbal tincture, based on his work, is important to keep on the shelf in EVERY household. This is for wellness support when there are BACTERIAL infections of any type – affecting, for example:
    • the lungs
    • the bladder
    • the sinuses
    • the ears
    • the skin
    • the genitals
    • the stomach
    • or even internal organs such as the brain
  • It could also be used for wellness support when there is secondary bacterial pneumonia occurring as a late-stage fatal complication in some Covid-19 cases. Again, this is a complementary tool for wellness support, not a substitute for when conventional antibiotics are advised by your doctor.

Five additional key nutritional supplements

  • With a particular focus on The 5 Key Organ Systems (the central focus of LSM), we have selected 5 top nutritional supplements to enhance general wellness. These supplements are so indispensable for general usage that we had originally intended to include them in the Core Pack. However, this was ultimately not feasible so we put them into the Extended Pack instead. They are potentially helpful in relation to a long list of core functional areas including:
    • sleep
    • mood
    • energy level
    • immunity
    • detoxification pathways
    • brain function
    • neuroprotection
    • relief from pain and inflammation
  • These are among the ones that we and our loved ones use on a regular basis for general wellness support. We reviewed the nutritional science literature exhaustively, and many thousands of nutrients out there, before choosing these ones. They are each listed below.

Magnesium taurate

This is a star general supernutrient that most of us need more of – containing both magnesium and taurine. We provide a high quality source without artificial binders and fillers.

Due to agricultural practices over the last 7 decades, magnesium is increasingly deficient in soils worldwide. Yet it is a macromineral that we need in significant amounts and which is centrally involved in the healthy functions of all of The 5 Key Organ Systems, which as recognised in LSM are central to the body’s intelligent self-management.

This can impact sleep, mood, migraine headaches, tension, pain, inflammation, fatigue, constipation, poor digestion and much else.

The taurine is also essential for two reasons. It is a “bus” to carry the magnesium up into the brain and other key organs. And it is a highly bioavailable source of sulfur. Bioavailable sulfur is, as emphasized by Dr. Stephanie Seneff, key for detoxification pathways and the health of all internal organs.

Most people are taking inferior forms of magnesium which, according to Carolyn Dean MD, have in some cases no more than a 4% absorption rate!

Vitamin B12

Provided in a bioavailable, methylated form – without any cyanide in it. (Yes, the most commonly used form, which you may already be taking, has cyanide in it!)

Vitamin B12 is increasingly hard to come by in modern diets of all types, and the general population has been tending towards widespread deficiency, and yet it is a brain-protective vitamin that is important because it is involved in every activity of the brain due to being an integral part of nerve function. It is also a major nutrient that contributes to a healthy energy level.

Flaxseed oil

Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency is one of the most common and widely-recognised deficiencies of the general population, with vital health implications for brain and heart protection. Flaxseed oil is one of the very few foods that contain plenty of omega-3’s. We recommend everyone to add either this or one of the others into their regular diets, to help keep the brain and heart healthy well into old age.

“NLI” essential oils (Neurological-Lymphatic-Immune)

A blend of the top 3 plant essential oils for calming inflammation, promoting sleep, calming the mood and supporting drainage of toxins: peppermint, lemon and lavender. We combined these and gave them the name “NLI” meaning that together they give a broad spectrum support to the neurological, lymphatic and immune systems.

Many people don’t realize that essential oils are not just useful for massage and beauty therapists: they also have a raft of documented wellness applications. Consider that pharmaceutical medications are derived from the active constituents of plants, and that both essential oils and herbs are derived from plants too – it’s just that instead of those constituents being isolated and patented for separate research objectives, essential oils and herbs are made from the original plants.

OnGuard essential oils

This is a doTerra blend of plant oils especially designed for immune and lung support: orange, clove, cinammon, eucalyptus and rosemary. Among these, it is notable that eucalyptus oil is the most widely recognised essential oil in the scientific literature for supporting the lungs in a wide range of situations. It is also notable from the scientific literature that orange oil acts as an energy tonic, and cinnamon oil as a support for blood-sugar metabolism. (Sidenote: Another essential oil commonly used for immune support is oregano, but we have covered this separately by including it in the antiviral herb mix).

Safety considerations

We always rate safety as our top priority, in all that we do.

We took great care – drawing from many years of experience – when choosing the LSM Resonance Remedies, and their potencies, and in working out their exact sequencing and accompanying instructions, so as to ensure they are safe, gentle and supportive resonance inputs for members of the general public, and ditto for the herbs, supplements and other measures in the instructions.

All are either resonances which are not operating on a biochemical level, and/or are food-grade inputs, thus providing nutritional support to your body like when you eat food, except more specifically chosen and sequenced – and so there are no side effects, any more than from eating foods like lettuce or celery.

Consider how, in order to eat lettuce, you would not need a medical prescription, nor the approval of a doctor. (Likewise, there is no conflict at all with conventional medications – continue these with no change). At the same time, we enclose clear guidance notes to ensure the safest and most optimal application of all items – including on how and when to take (and store) the remedies in the most optimal electromagnetic environment.

How to buy a support pack

You can purchase the Support Pack here.

Appendix for professionals: Specifics of the LSM Resonance Protocols + Remedies

Below, on popular request, we are listing the exact contents of each of our core five LSM Resonance Protocols in the Core Pack. Each one has explicit, clear, simple accompanying instructions about when to use it and how.

*Asterisked below are the bottles which are NEW remedies not made available before (which make up 50% of the LSM Resonance Remedies in the Core Pack).

Protocol #1: Immune Primer Resonance Support Protocol.

This includes the following LSM Resonance Remedies:

  • Electrosmog Resonance *
  • Wuhan Nosode Resonance * [Like all other LSM Resonance Remedies, this contains ONLY the resonances, energetically imprinted into water, and no other ingredients, so there is NO possible contamination concern. This one was sourced from a reputable pharmacy, which has since been completely backed up with a flood of orders which led them to close shop to all new orders.]
  • Respiratory Viruses Resonance * [This covers resonances of 14 viruses]
  • Innate Immunity Resonance * [What nobody on the news is talking about, but should be, is that there is a branch of your immune system, called your “innate immunity”, which consists of immune “soldier” cells lying in wait in your nose and other places, poised to attack invaders at a moment’s notice. . . which means that supporting your innate immunity should be at the centre of every public health discussion at the moment – why isn’t it?]
  • Lymph Resonance [Very low potency, just high enough for the purpose]<