There was a time when science was respectable. It dealt with hard, physical matter and experiments that were based on observation of the five senses that were repeatable. Physics offered a surety of the known world and everything outside of that could be consigned to religion, superstition and the world of spirit (whatever that meant).

We now know that that this objective, self-assured world of hubris turned itself upside down over 100 years ago and even though old habits die hard, we are beginning to experience the new reality on a day to day basis. What is the difference between the old and the new?

It’s nothing more than an expanded ability to receive information and the wealth of perception that this new-found asset gives us. So nothing “physical” has changed. Outwardly we are still the same human beings. We still have the same number of organs and limbs. And yet for those of us conscious of the change we are no longer the same – underneath the façade, there is a revolution taking place.  To misquote Yeats , “All has changed, changed utterly. A terrible beauty is born.”

It is said that there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. Equally there is nothing more powerful than someone who is ready to embrace a new paradigm. The implications are all-embracing. They affect every aspect of our lives. There is a silent transformation going on. It may be too little, too late to save the human race but nevertheless there is a new life being born and we are lucky enough to be part of that.

I remember reading a book by Carl Jung many years ago and thinking to myself “Hold on a minute. That’s not scientific. Those observations and conclusions are not backed up by the scientific method. It’s simply intuition based wisdom.” I felt really uncomfortable about this. How could he know? How solid was the foundation of his knowledge? Surely it was nothing more than opinion?

I must have become more naïve in my old age because now I have come full circle. I have come to understand that intuition, feeling, and sensation are every bit as “scientific” as intellect and perhaps more so than the so-called research of our contemporary, evidence based medicine.

At least intuitive wisdom does not try to pretend to be anything that it is not. The scientific is not in the objectivity or the subjectivity but in the ability to transform. We live in an age where our results are our guru; we have become our own saviours.

My own personal conviction is that all fields of endeavour end at the same horizon. The fact that they appear different and separate is simply a function of our perception.  If I use words like “spirit” and “inspiration” you might think me religious or spiritual or even “new agey” ; changing my language to use words like “information” or “activation” I sound more scientific.

Laszlo’s book, Science and the Akashic Field, is essentially a spiritual text dressed up in scientific language. Is it any less scientific for that? I believe not because it coincides with my own intuition that there is meaning and direction to the universe. There is nothing unscientific about an opinion, especially if it is well argued and leads to useful (in our case, therapeutic) results.

Take the evolution of scientific and spiritual knowledge, for example. To my mind they are growing ever more entwined. The intersection between them is growing all the time. They complement and illuminate each other like two sides of the same jewel that shines all the more brilliantly because it is multi-faceted. Reductionism and holism ; explanation and analogy ; theory and empiricism.

I could liken a living system to a painting that paints itself. This may sound like an idea based on meditative contemplation but it’s not. It’s an analogy to describe a scientific model that has become respectable in mainstream science.

We think we are walking around simply perceiving and making sense of external reality. In fact each of us is busy creating an internal reality which functions in such a way as to maximize the benefit of our exchange with the environment. The difference between the two models may seem subtle but it is nevertheless profound.

In respect of humans we can add consciousness to this model so that in addition to the goal of maximum benefit from environmental exchange, is the emergence of an awareness that the internal and external worlds are inseparably connected. The poet, John Donne, was correct – no man is an island. My limbs may not be forever in touch with yours but despite that we are irrevocably connected. The fields that bind us are the invisible fields of information, spirit, and consciousness.

Life changes when you become aware that the physical end of our bodies (ie: our skin) is no longer the end of who we are and that a far greater, subjective connectivity is evident.  This is no longer simply a spiritual concept but rather a scientific reality.

The gurus who were telling us that the internal, experiential world needs to be nurtured and developed were just as scientific as the technologists who saw reality as something “out there” consisting completely of objective matter.

So extending my analogy of the painting, we could say that traditionally science has concerned itself with the paint whereas spirituality concerned itself with the picture. Now the perspective of each discipline is adjusting itself so that both are beginning to see the same thing. Science is beginning to recognise the importance of the picture and practical spirituality is recognising the importance of the paint.

In terms of medicine, at the heart of this new perspective is the concept of information and its potential ability to heal.

Language is very important in fully comprehending the changes in consciousness that have taken place. Let’s compare some new definitions of words that we have used in the old paradigms of separation and the new integrated systems one:

Term Old paradigm definitionNew paradigm understanding
InformationData, measurementsThat which has meaning
EnergyThe ability to do workThe conversion of potential information into active information
HealingSomething taking place in holy books or acts perpetrated by “hands-on quacks” that were inexplicable and very unscientific and highly suspicious and very “mysterious”The use of meaningful information to raise the intelligence or coherence of living systems

So spirituality has come out of the holy books and into daily life. No longer is the ability to heal the domain of the gurus and the “holy” men. Science has embraced the subjective and the inexplicable while at the same time constantly seeking to explain that which is mysterious.

It’s a brave new world out there or should I say in here…?