Why take Molecular Hydrogen?

We recommend the following for general health support including energy, vitality, optimising mitochondrial function, compensating poor microbiome health and improving adaptogenic regulation of antioxidant pathways / redox balance. For individualised details of usage or product choice, please consult your LSM practitioner. Otherwise, for the majority of people we have a general recommendation to use the Osmio Genesis (option #1 below) on a once daily basis.

After over 5 years of research into the molecular hydrogen topic, we recognise its importance to health as a key example of the LSM principle of focusing on key “points of leverage” within living systems. There are very few interventions that offer such high leverage as this.

Why choose Osmio?

After investigating and testing many different forms of molecular hydrogen and related oxygen therapy options, we have finally decided on a supplier that we feel is the best, which is a UK-based company called Osmio. They have placed the focus on quality (unlike many other suppliers we have looked into), and they have really dotted their i’s and crossed their t’s to do it right – and to ensure that the molecular hydrogen is being produced via the best possible method. In the process of choosing our supplier, and before publishing this webpage, we have met with the founder of Osmio in person and we have tested out their range of products ourselves extensively.

Why not use molecular hydrogen tablets instead?

We have also investigated the use of molecular hydrogen tablets, from various suppliers, as another popular approach. However, we have concluded that use of the Osmio products is a far better method, for several reasons. These reasons include: (a) much less costly to use on an ongoing basis (the cost of the tablets quickly mounts up at about 62p per day, whereas the Osmio bottles are a once-off expense only); (b) a better therapeutic range of molecular hydrogen (the tablets are too strong for many uses, in our opinion – which we reached after carefully weighing it all up, researching the topic in depth and testing the options out); (c) the tablets deliver a form of magnesium (elemental) that is in our opinion not the best type of magnesium to ingest in high daily amounts on an ongoing basis because it is not chelated (unlike the forms of magnesium we typically use in LSM) but is instead highly reactive, which in our assessment could cause stress to the stomach and mucous membranes, could leach calcium out of the bones (a primary reason why Osmio chose not to go down the tablet route), and could potentially cause other unwanted effects over long term use.

Is this a type of oxygen therapy?

Not exactly – but it is closely related. We see molecular hydrogen and oxygen therapy as two complementary aspects of mitochondrial support. This is because hydrogen and oxygen are two key elements processed in our mitochondria, which together form a balance that we refer to as “Redox”. The word “Redox” is short for “Reduction and Oxidation”. Molecular hydrogen supports the reduction or in other words antioxidant part, and oxygen supports the oxidation part. In short, both antioxidant and oxidant functions have therapeutic benefit of different types, and in our view the key for most people is to support both, and to cycle between them. Each day, it is normal and healthy for our bodies to undergo parts of the day that are more pro-oxidative (e.g. when going out for a walk) and parts that are more anti-oxidant (e.g. when the microbiome releases a dose of molecular hydrogen just after a meal). So to mimic and strengthen these natural cycles, as a part of LSM Pulsing, we recommend the use of molecular hydrogen and oxygen therapy in tandem, and at different moments of the day. Of the two, the most important one for most people is the hydrogen part, and especially because of the widespread impairment of the microbiome throughout modern civilisation.

To purchase, we invite you to use our direct Osmio affiliate links below, and then your purchase will additionally give some support to the costs of our ongoing research:

OPTION #1: Osmio Genesis

Click here to go to the Osmio webpage for this product

Tips: This is the main molecular hydrogen product we are recommending to people (at a price of £180 as at October 2022). Due to using a surface material that can withstand higher pressures inside, its capacity of 240ml actually delivers more hydrogen than you get from drinking 400ml of the water produced by its predecessor the Duo (option #2 below), thus the Genesis enables you to get a similar benefit (or possibly more benefit) yet without needing to drink 400ml in one go. So although we have ourselves used and recommended the Duo, we are now recommending the Genesis as an even better model which has just been released by Osmio and effectively supersedes the Duo (as at October 2022).

OPTION #2: Osmio Duo

Click here to go to the Osmio webpage for this product in ash rose (pink) colour

Click here to go to the Osmio webpage for this product in black colour

Tips: The Duo is the predecessor of the Genesis (at a price of £199 as at October 2022), which is similar except that the Duo requires you to drink more in one go (400ml) to achieve a therapeutic dose of molecular hydrogen. We have used and recommended the Duo ourselves and it works brilliantly, even though the Genesis (option #1 above) is an improved model, both because it requires you to drink less in one go, and at the same time delivers more hydrogen per drink. One additional benefit that the Duo has is the optional extra function of a nasal canula, allowing an alternative method of taking in molecular hydrogen. Normally the best way to consume the molecular hydrogen, with either the Genesis or Duo, is to drink the water that you have placed into it and which (over the course of a few minutes) has been infused with it (within the sealed container). However, the nasal canula option enables intake of the hydrogen by allowing you to breathe it in. For most people, this function is not needed, but it may be supportive for those with a history of problems in the lungs. Note, though, that the flow rate of molecular hydrogen via the nasal canula is very low, so it is not able to deliver it to the lungs in high quantitites (for that, the Infinity – option #3 below – is used).

OPTION #3: Osmio Infinity

Click here to go to the Osmio webpage for this product

Tips: This is a more expensive investment (£2430 as at October 2022), which most people don’t make and which is more often used in a clinical setting. However, it may be relevant for some people so we are including it here as it has very promising potential applications in serious pathologies such as neurological diseases and others. It combines molecular hydrogen, oxygen and hydroxyl (Brown’s gas) in several high-powered applications (drinking, breathing or topical).