This blog is dedicated to my good friend, Richard, who caused me to reflect once more on this disease. I thought I had written everything I had to say about it for the moment. However something he said to me recently made me reflect again.

His comment centred on research which indicates that cells that turn cancerous release “stress” molecules prior to (or during the process of) becoming cancerous and that in some way or another the cancer seems to be a solution to the stress problem rather than the “enemy”. I hereby invite Richard to cite the original research he was reading for all of us to see… sorry to put you on the spot my dear friend but I know you are up to the challenge.

This fits hand in glove with my own opinions on the nature of cancer and its role in homo sapiens today. For anyone who has not read my previous five blogs on the subject I summarise my ideas:

1)      Cancer differs from all other diseases because it represents the birth of a new, separate life form within the body rather than just the loss of body intelligence

2)      This new life is the off-spring of cellular stress where the cell does not die but degrades or devolves into a less intelligent form of life

3)      Cancer sees the body as its terrain but instead of living symbiotically with it, it voraciously feeds off it until the host is destroyed. That is what defines it as separate. It is a manifestation of the intelligence of competition and not cooperation.

4)      The causes of cancer are beyond the individual and lie in the society we have created and the way of living we have chosen to follow as a species

5)      Nature has no judgement on who is “good” or “bad”. It simply hates a vacuum. Cancer has as much right to live as we do. The more we attack it, the more it will find ingenious ways to survive.

So what more do I want to say? First of all I’d like to point out two illusions:

i)                    The first one is that we are “single” beings.  Each of us is in fact a community of approx. 10 trillion cells who work together in a miraculously orchestrated unison to give us the impression of being a single person. This is not taking into account our many bedfellows: the approx. 100 trillion bacteria, the dormant or active viruses, the bits and pieces of “alien” DNA, the intracellular and extracellular parasites, and all the other micro-organisms and wanted or unwanted chemicals, minerals, metals etc…

ii)                   The second one is that we are isolated beings. We are part of a community of humans that inhabit the globe. We are part of the universal intelligence. Our exterior separateness is as much a mistaken perception as our internal singularity. Our five senses tell us that we are separate but this is an illusion that needs to be seen through. As the ancients said – as above, so below.

It would be more accurate to see humans as part of a continuum starting with the lowly cell and ending with the global or better still universal community of life. In fact there is no particular (ie: originating from a particle) origin and no end point. We are collective perturbations or wave forms in the unified field of reality.

So what has this got to do with cancer you ask?

Firstly this perspective allows us to recognise cancer as just another life form. Another waveform. Another intelligence. Another species. Now let’s juxtapose this observation with the war against cancer…  Doesn’t it seem a little silly?

Imagine we were about to declare war against cats or dogs or tigers? Tigers aren’t very friendly. If I shared an enclosed space with a tiger for any length of time, I would wager that much of me would end up in that animal’s digestive tract. Is that a reason to exterminate them?

Actually if I were to declare war against cancer I would target the terrain. The surest way to eliminate, to destroy another species is to cut off its nourishment. So if we are really serious about a “cure” for cancer, there is only one way: destroy mankind. Cancer would no longer have a terrain and could no longer exist (at least in our species).

The “cure” for cancer in people is the “cure” for mankind. We must rediscover our connection to each other, to the planet, to the universe. We must recognise that we are here for a purpose and whatever that purpose may be it’s not the destruction of our environment and the social structures that sustain us  (ie: our own terrain) through greed and mindlessness .

I hope I am not giving the impression of having no compassion to those who are affected by this dreadful disease. My heart reaches out to them. Neither do I want to give the impression that I am denigrating the good doctors who try their best to save the lives of those who present with tumours and cancerous tissue. Actually it’s the opposite. This is a clarion call to face reality.

Cancer isn’t some meaningless disease that we should declare war on. It’s a sign of the times. It’s another step in the process of human devolution, the ladder of descent that we are rapidly climbing down. And this is where I humbly acknowledge my friend, Richard, who so lucidly presented me with the bigger picture over supper.

We humans are living on a rubbish tip of our making. We plunder and destroy the very planet that sustains our lives. We live more in competition than in cooperation with our fellow man. I’m speaking here about the way our lives are structured. We have largely wiped out the village life that was needed to raise “intelligent” life and replaced it with urban sprawl and a culture based on empty values. In this wasteland, the nuclear family is no longer always capable of raising children into mature or conscious adults.

We are degrading the web of life, tearing up the fabric of intelligent reality, destroying the environment that fostered mankind in the first place. Cancer isn’t the problem, it’s the universe warning us that unless we change our ways, the future is pretty bleak.

In fact if humankind continues in this vein, it will deliver the one and only cure for cancer: the destruction of mankind. The war on cancer started long before Richard Nixon’s famous words.