Let’s take a brief look at key toxins. What are they? How do we identify or measure them?

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Tomorrow, 21st April, deliberately timed to coincide with Earth Day, is the world’s first ever EMR Action Day!

Join us in switching off all wireless radiation for 24 hours, to allow us and the Earth a rest from the continuous presence of a blanket of microwave radiation.

And please do attend your nearest Earth Day gatherings and share information with them about EMR Action Day, as Earth Day has been sadly hijacked by the wireless telecommunications industry talking about a “mobilized earth”. Earth Day activists urgently need to be educated about the proliferation of electromagnetic fields / radiation (EMFs / EMR) and their health and environmental effects – and the existence of easy solutions in terms of alternatives – such as simple fibre-optics. It’s time to stop this soul-destroying (and “green-washing”) overpowering of genuine environmental and health concerns through allowing people to blur them with commercial interests of industry!

I apologise for our absence of blogs lately. Kevin and I have been devoting a lot of our energy and time to gearing up to teach our next FCT Graduate Programme, and we’re putting ourselves under a deadline to get it up and running with a range of dramatically new and exciting material and events.

Let’s dive into this subject of “key toxins”, starting with this example. What does Field Control Therapy (FCT) tell us about electromagnetic fields?

It tells us a lot. First of all, once you understand that the human body is primarily a quantum electrical system, then it makes complete sense that our electrical environment is able to impact our physiology as a key health variable.

Secondly, FCT offers a uniquely encompassing (via systems science) AND yet also focused (via decision science) perspective on a politically, socially and academically eyebrow-raising radical notion which I refer to as “Disease Causation”.

In short, we argue that if you just stubbed your toe against something, it is because there is something there for you to stub your toe against, such as a brick wall!

Simple as that logic is, this type of talk does appear to surprise many of the otherwise intelligent people who fill the conventional AND alternative medical journals with a constant chit-chat about disease mechanisms yet hardly a peep about Causes.

To quote Aristophanes (from another context), good medicine, whether conventional or alternative, does not consist of “learned prattle”. . . If you stubbed your toe against a wall, the single most important thing you need to do is to acknowledge the involvement of the wall!

You can study the mechanisms of cellular damage – and even repair – in your toe to your heart’s content, and till the cows come home – and describe it in the most technical terminology – yet fail to pay any attention to the wall. That’s what I’m referring to as learned prattle – such as pretending that you understand something by calling it “Multiple Sclerosis” or “Motor Neuron Disease”, or let’s say “Painful Toe Syndrome”, and publishing endless statistics and other data about it, wasting people’s taxes on research describing mechanisms of toe damage, when in reality you have no clue what its origin is and have no explanation for Disease Causation.

In the example of the stubbed toe, unless you recognize that you just walked into a brick wall:

  1. How will you prevent walking into future brickwalls – either the same wall or others like it?
  2. How will you understand what has caused your toe pain, to give the most appropriate response to that pain, and, just as importantly, avoid wasting money and time on medical treatments for your toe, often with side effects of their own, which are based on other theories that have nothing to do with brickwalls?

In short, in FCT we look at (and teach) the whole gamut of primary and secondary causes of disease, while at the same time concentrating our resources on what Savely Yurkovsky, MD, founder of FCT, calls the category of “key toxins” – and the scientific tools for how to identify which are the key toxins. These are the key “brickwall” factors which stand out.

Choosing which they are is not a matter of speculation or personal opinion. The point is not, “Which toxins would YOU or I or HE or SHE want to think are the key ones?” It’s a calling to put aside our preconceptions and go where the science leads us.

Key toxins exist at each of the various levels:

  • our whole species
  • a particular region
  • a particular town
  • a particular family
  • an individual person
  • an individual organ or tissue

The key toxins at each of these levels may often overlap, but may be different at each level. On our courses we teach or review the tools to investigate and analyze which are the key toxins at each of these levels.

In the current age, when looking at chronic diseases of any type, the following two factors can be considered the two greatest “key toxins” of all, speaking generally at the level of our species at this juncture in our evolution:

  1. Heavy metals, especially mercury
  2. EMFs from modern manmade technologies

These two would be followed by other key toxins of note to keep an eye on, too, such as radioactive toxins, lead and herbicides.

The scientific tools of measure are complex and so I won’t cover them in depth here – we are planning to run the world’s first ever (that we know) entire medical training programme explicitly on this subject (Disease Causation). In short, variables which influence that equation include not only the degree of cellular toxicity of a particular toxin (which involves a close review of toxicology research), but also its prevalence in terms of exposures (i.e., how saturated has an environment become with a given toxin?), and then on the level of individual people or individual organs there are also, of course, variations. Yes, certain fairly sweeping generalizations can be made at the level of our whole species, and mercury and EMFs – as shown above – currently top that list for all of us internationally, even though some individual regions, people or organs may be succumbing to other key toxins more than these.

Consequently, earlier this year I had an idea: I wonder if anyone has created an international awareness day for mercury or EMFs? I felt that each of these two factors deserves one. Not only are they key lynchpins of Disease Causation in modern populations, but they are also hugely neglected ones in mainstream consciousness – and I am certain this will change in time – but I would like to help accelerate, if I can, that process of raising awareness of these two factors.

I discovered that nobody, to my knowledge, had created a global awareness day for either of these two factors before. So I decided to team up with colleagues and make them happen.

I phoned a colleague in the IAOMT and started by making plans for a Mercury Amalgam Awareness Day (or, perhaps, Week). I will share more details about this in time, when we get it organised. The wheels are already in motion for that!

Some time later, I then wrote to a colleague to find out if anyone had done a day like this for EMFs as well. I discovered that, on exactly the same week I had written to him, an EMF activist in California had just suggested an EMR Action Day and had already written a draft proposal and sent it out to colleagues. Talk about synchronicity of thinking! Or, rather, an idea whose time has come! So I offered my help, and others quickly offered theirs too, and within a few days, we had a thriving community of EMF activists all round the world all chipping in to prepare for this. I have been thrilled and humbled to discover that the international network of EMF activists is larger than I had thought.

It is early days still, and there is lots more to organise, but EMR Action Day has become a reality, and we are launching it this week. I will send more details in a separate blog. This will be the first of many activities planned, and not only once a year but also in between. They (i.e., the network of activists, many of whom have been contributing as a collective of concerned volunteers) have set up a website already, although it’s still in its early days: www.EMRActionDay.org

The way I look at it, this is an easy opportunity for us to make a difference to the people we love and the world we live in. It is possible that supporting EMR Action Day, and later Mercury Amalgam Awareness Day too, may be one of the most important things each of us can do all year.

There is one thing that can change the world, and enable us to put a stop to the degradation of our health and environment through toxicity and EMF pollution, and that is the grass-roots spread of awareness from individual to individual, all round the planet, so that, motivated out of love or friendship or even just goodwill, we feel the imperative – and perhaps one of the most important ones of our generation – to pass the word on about action days such as these, and all the important information and initiatives that are being bundled into them. Ideas and suggestions are also very welcome!

(By the way, I also wanted to mention that my toe is, in fact, fine, and was not really stubbed – in case you were wondering!)